In the years since I graduated from what is now Brighton University, and following a post graduate course at Reading University, I have worked as a professional artist and illustrator.
This has included some art teaching and running art courses for adults.

I was born on the Isle of Wight and spent a carefree childhood, barefoot on the beach during the long hot summers, riding ponies and building campfires in the woods during the winter months.

After graduating I lived in Herefordshire for several years, where I had my two daughters and enjoyed the glorious farmland with all its wildlife and stunning scenery. It was here that I had my first solo exhibition and started to show in London and provincial Galleries. I also provided
illustration for various businesses in the region.

However, a more fine art side began to emerge and soon I was sketching and painting the landscape around me and exploring the hills and red earth fields of Herefordshire.

Finally however, the call of the Island was too much and I returned to my roots. It is often said that the Isle of Wight encapsulates the whole of the UK in a small space! We don’t have a mountain but we do have rolling downs with trees shaped by the strong winter sea winds, small bays, sandy
beaches and seaside towns and villages. It’s a wealth of inspiration for any artist.

It is here I have my studio, surrounded by garden flowers, a small vegetable patch and bird feeders. As birds feature in many of my illustrations I only have to glance out of the window to see robins, blackbirds, blue tits and the ever voracious crows along with huge bumble bees who often come to visit!

I always carry a sketchbook with me and though I do use photographs on occasion, I like them to be out of focus so I can still use my imagination. Sometimes I start with a title or a snippet of overheard conversation.

Also a realist, I will if I get caught in a downpour or am freezing cold, find
the nearest coffee shop to continue sketching there. I then take my sketches into my studio where I continue to develop my ideas allowing my paintings to evolve, gradually building into an entity of their own.

As a trained illustrator/artist I enjoy varying technique in my work, and make no apology for the fact that I can paint in both contemporary and more figurative styles. This keeps my work fresh, and continues my development as an artist. Best of all, I am able to paint what I wish, meet some lovely people along the way and spend time observing the wonderful beaches and countryside around me.

Who could ask for more?